To purchase a puppy

You wish to purchase a puppy from our breeding


Your puppy spent its first 15 weeks of life with us. I have been taking care of its mother and helping for the birth, since what it has been sharing our life home, in touch with other dogs, children and friends.
He/she made lot of experiments with us : garden, other animals (cats, goats, poneys, etc…), necklace and line (almost), travel in car, roads (little ones!), lawn mower, children, music, so that your puppy will be as relaxed as possible in its new life with you. We have been feeding him, playing with him/her and especially, we have been cuddling and loving him/her so much. Today, it is a joyful, healthy and sociable puppy that you project to take home.

Now, it’s your turn to give him/her a good  and happy life and for that to be done, you’ll have to educate, feed and look after him/her but above all, you’ll have to give him/her all the affection it needs to become your ideal companion.


It is a responsability wich musn’t be rashly taken, but only after a careful thought, therefore i’ll sell you one of my babies only when i’ll be trusting in your  competence, your goodwill and your love about him/her.


I will always be there for help and advice during your dog’s life time.

I wish you the best together.



 It is very important to prepare carefully your puppy’s arrival in your home.
Of these first moments in its new territory ,will depend the lenght of its adjustment to its new life.

So, it’s better to decide immediatly where you want him/her to live, sleep and play.
It’s very recommended to give and show him/her its “own place” in your home now.
It could be a dog’s bed, a cover, a kennel, but always a clear little place, free from draught and dampness, easy to clean when your pup won’t be able to “restrain himself” too long.
Install it immediatly in its new place, and escort him/her in its exploration of your home.Let him smell all the objects, animals and human being which belong to its new environment, and get him/her already into the good habits, without fear and constraint :

  • Don’t let him/her enter in the forbidden rooms,
  • Let him/her play only in a place wher it can’t be possible to be hurted or to damage anything,
  • If possible, don’t let him/her to come up and down the stairs before its maturity(at least 6 months old),
  • Don’t let him/her eat with you, but at its own place,
  • Give him/her a page of newspaper on wich it will be possible to make its “needs” without being punished
    (it is difficult for the puppy to be totally clean before the age of 4 months, patience…),
  • Let him/her the possibility to isolate itself,  to watch in security people and places.
  • Always let water at its disposal and feed him/her at regular hours: 3 times a day until 3 months old,
    twice a day until 10 months old , and only once a day after.
  • Go out with him/her imediatly after its meal (even if you have a garden), because it will probably be the best moment for him/her to “empty”,and congratulate him/her every time he/she does it in the good place. That is the best way to obtain cleanliness quickly and peacely.
  • If you prefer to change of food, always do it gradually, in mixing the 2 differents food during a few days .
  • If your puppy seems to be anxious or cries a lot for its first night, a hot water bottle under its bed,
    a radio in background noise or a night light alone or together, can help to reassure him/her.
  • But with a little of patience, your puppy will learn soon how to manage without you during the night.

These first  impressions in your home are vitals so that your life in common starts the best way, as pleasantly as possible for all.
Don’t hesitate to contact me in case of little worry or big anxiety, we’ll try to clear up the problem together without delay.




When you will come to purchase your puppy, you will get some important papers that you should keep preciously, because it will be its identity and health, during its  life time.

  • A sale certificate , (bill) in wich are mentioned: dog’s name, chip, breed, sex, date of birth , parents, French legal guarantees and the price.
  • European Passport/Health book, in wich are mentioned: dog’s name, chip, breed, sex, date of birth, vaccinations (CHPPiL at 8 weeks, 12 weeks and rabbies at 3 months old) and if needed, a rabies serological test by an EU-approved laboratory.
  • Identity card (microchip number), to registrate your puppy on your name and address, at the French Société Centrale Canine and your own country dog Society.
  • Export pedigree, with the  identity and genealogy of your puppy.
  • Breeders advices, you’ll also have a Puppy kit offered by our food partner, with some dry food for your puppy.

Health and care

I took lot of care to your puppy (feeding, weight, awakening) as early as its birth. He/she has been suckled by its mum and sevré progressively weaned between 4 and 7 weeks according to its maturity.  A dry puppy food, adapted to its needs, breed and size, has been taking over from  its mother’s milk, first  humidified, after dry. This food is complete, and it isn’t necessary to add any vitamin or calcium into it. Your puppy has been dewormed at 3 weeks and at 4 weeks old , then at 7 weeks old . You must do it again every month until 6 months old, every 2 months until one  year old and then, twice a year and at least one week before the yearly  vaccinations. You can ask your vet to know the best product you should use to deworm your  puppy. Your puppy has been examinated by our vet in its 8th week, has been identified by microchip and then, received its first injections CHPPiL. The vaccination against rabbies can only be done after 3 months old with the second injection CHPPiL. You must get him/her vaccinated again, every year of its life.


Your dog will need some regular cares :

  • Cut its claws (for your comfort and its stands)
  • Ears cleaning (taking off dirts and hairs if necessary)
  • Skin (fleas, tiks, cuts)
  • Hair (adapted on its breed, brushing, trimming, washing, groming)
  • Mouth (teeth brushing, to scale if needed)

That a vet or a groomer can do,if you can’t or won’t do it yourself.

You puppy will need YOU, who will be ALL for him/her. He/she relies on you for love and walks even before a resting place and a meal. Don’t leave him/her alone too long, even in a great garden, because it is your  presence wich will make him/her an happy dog, ready for follow you to the end of the world, devoted and faithful until his/her last day.




Your puppy will become a good-natured dog, if you take some time to educate him/her with patience, gentleness but with firmness.
Remember thats encouragements, congratulations and rewards are much more effective than shouts and punishments.
Never hesitate to contact us for advice or ask for help to a canine behaviour educator or a puppy school, in case of conflict or lack of understanding.
Everything will turn out fine with a little work and a lot of affection…




our rates


The prices in Euros are only indicatives (French taxes included) and can vary (taxes, keeping time, shipping, quality).

With the new European rules, a puppy can only travel 21 days after the rabbies shot (at 12 weeks old).
So i won’t be able to let a puppy leave before it’s 15 weeks old (without extra fees).

I don’t ship my puppies, but i can travel with him/her worldwide (car/train/plane) with extra price for the trip.


PUPPY Brussels/Belgian/Petit Brabant
Male 1000€ all taxes included
Female 1200€ all taxes included
Stud dog

 If one of our male is monorchide (only one testicle descended into the scrotum) or cryptorchide (no testicles descended into the scrotum) and if you want to produce a litter with him, i will pay back 200€, because it will be  unproductivable and could need to have surgery when becoming adult.