welcome !

about me

My name is Cécile Moro and I live with my family and our dogs in an old farm.

For me, breeding is before all a question of having a passion for each individual dog living with us. We don’t just feel we share our home and our life with a pack of dogs, but rather with as much different personalities and characters that we love all…

To preserve our bitches health we plan only a few litters each year and, by careful selection, always favour the quality of our litters to their quantity. My goal is, of course, to sell puppies with excellent origins, registered in the French stud book (L.O.F.), healthy, vaccinated, micro-chipped and above all, good-natured and well socialized.


I will always be happy to help or give advice, all along my puppies life…


If some word or sentence is incorrect in English, i’ll be thankful toward who’ ll help me to correct it !

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me by E-mail and look at the photos of my dogs on the kennel ‘s Facebook page !