10th/03/2018– litter « O »1 8 weeks old !

  • for more photos and news, follow the litter on  Facebook ,(or link f top and right)

13th/01/2018– New litter « O »1 !

  • 13th of January 2018 a new litter  is born from the combination
    Ashley et Logray !  1  male (170g) and 2 females(190g) all red.
  • Facebook page of the kennel, for more photos and news ! (link f top and right). la page Facebook de l’élevage

08th/01/2018 -THe Love story between Ritournelle and Logray will end up without puppies...

  • I only felt one puppy in Ritournelle's womb in the end of november, and unfortunately i was right.
    One only red male of 300 grammes (nearly 2 times a normal weight)was born with much difficulties and didn't survive. Ritournelle is slowly recovering .

01st/01/2018 – Happy new year 2018  !

  • I intend to have 2 or 3 litters in 2018, including 2 in january!

12ves/11/2017 -a Love story between Ashley et Logray has just begun...

  •  I'll give some news as soon as i will know more about it. If all goes fine, A litter will arrive in the first half of january too.

05th/11/2017 – a Love story between ritournelle & logray has just begun.

  • I hope they will have more than 1 only puppy this time! I'll give some news as soon as i will know more about it. If all goes fine, A litter will arrive in the first half of january.

09th/03/2017 – A new litter for fall?

  • As i only got 1 puppy from the last litter, i’m thinking about having a second litter for fall 2017.

17th/02/2017 -NEW LITTER “N”1 !

  • The 17th of February 2017,  a new litter  is born from the combination Ritournelle & Logray !  1 black male only.
  •  Facebook page of the kennel, for more photos and news ! ).

1st/01/2017 – Happy New Year !

  • Only one litter expected for 2017.

25th/12/2016 – Merry Christmas !

  • Ritournelle has been mated with Logray and puppies could come from this combination in about 2 months.

11th/04/2016 -Page “puppies” has been updated.


23rd/02/2016 -NEW LITTER “M”2 !

  • 23rd of February 2016,  a new litter  is born from the combination Gironde & Vveechee !
    5 puppies, 2 males and 3 females, all red and healthy, weighting from 170g to 210g

12th/02/2016 -NEW LITTER “M”1 !

  • 12th of February 2016,  a new litter  is born from the combination Ashley & Vveechee !
    5 puppies, 3 males and 2 females, all red and healthy, weighting from 170g to 210g
  • I’m waiting for the soon coming next litter from  Gironde & Vveechee…

28th/01/2016 – New pages about previous litters.

  • (open list under “Ppuppies”)

20th/01/2016 – Happy new year !

  • There will be 2 birth in february ! Ashley aound the 11th of february and Gironde around the 24th.
    The father of the expected litters is Sha zhen can Vveechee.

15th/12/2015 – New pages !

  • Our first Petit Brabançon GOLDENE HORDE XIDIBOO ( open list under “Females”).
  • Informations about the breed and its health : Thumb index “Breed”.

20th/09/2015 – No more expected litter for 2015.


13rd/07/2015 –  MRI appointment done!

  • The official results are on each dog’s/bitch’s page .
  • Explanations very soon !

13th/05/2015 – NEW LITTER “L”3 !

  •  The big surprise took place  about a week ago, when I noticed that Ritournelle has rounded belly!
    It was not expected at all she has her first litter before autumn (2 years) and not with Nautilus!
    The rascal took advantage of my professional absences to escape the vigilance of my family and join his beloved Nautilus in secret! You will see pictures of the result of this private appointment on the Facebook page of the breeding! (F link top right).
  • May 13, 2015: Birth of the litter of GOLDENE HORDE Ritournelle and GOLDENE HORDE Nautilus  ! 2 females, 1 black and tan, 220g and1 black (to check) 190g, with a funny little white beard and a white tie, which cancel her chance of being confirmed, but not to be an original, unique and adorable Griffon !

13/04/2015 – All the dog and bitches are now DNA registrered !


06th/02/2015 – NEW LITTER “L”2 !

  • 6th of February, a new litter  is born from the combination Gironde & Nautilus !
    3 black/tan males (including 1 stillborn) & 2 females, 1 red and 1 black/tan.
  •  Facebook page of the kennel, for more photos and news ! (link f top and right).

04th/02/2015 – NEW LITTER “L”1 !

  • 4th of February,  a new litter  is born from the combination Ashley & Nautilus !
    1 male and 4 females, all red and healthy, weighting from 160g to 180g
  • I’m waiting for the soon coming next litter from  Gironde & Nautilus…

19th/01/2015 – SHOW

  • Results of Bordeaux dog show : -Goldene Horde Nautilus  finished 1st excellent (without competition, as usual!) And got the CACS and CACIB, with a judgment of Mr. Barenne.
    -Goldene Horde Ritournelle  for her first presentation, did not bother to carry her tail on the back, but was confirmed and got a 1st Very good (no competition either …) also judged by Mr. Barenne.
    I beg visitors to forgive our absence in the ring of honor, but we were almost frozen and found comfort in front of a good hot coffee!
  • Sumava’s Ashley and Sha zhen can Gironde are both pregnant and their bellies round!
    Puppies should be born between the 6th  and the 12th of February.

7th/01/2015 – WE ARE CHARLIE


1st/01/2015 – PROGRAM 2015

  • 18/01 : Bordeaux Dog show with  Ritournelle, 14 months, in youth class (& confirmation) and Nautilus in open class.
  • Mi February : two expected litters (Ashley & Gironde + Nautilus)
  • May :  MRI for my 4 bred dog and bitches, (CiRMA at the veterinary school in Lyon) Nautilus (2,5 years old); Gironde (3,5 years old); Ashley (4 years) and Ritournelle (18 months) in may. To see if they are carriers or not of Syringomyelia or/and CM. Their results (to be confirmed for the younger) will be shared with everyone on this page and especially with the owners of their puppies already born or to be born.
    Since we do not have a reliably Club for our “little” breed, whether French breeders or individuals owners wish to join me in the syringomyelia and CM screening process, we might be able to benefit from  grouping our dogs for Appointments and trips. Don’t hesitate to contact me.
  • Autumn : project of the first Ritournelle’s litter, according to MRI results.
  • And why not a new member for our pack coming this year ?